Our knowledge and experience serving your plantations

Throughout the years, the Hemperativa team garnered considerable experience in cultivation, manufacturing and selling hemp across Poland as well as providing consulting services. Furthermore, Hemperativa contracts farmers, helps in finding the right mowing equipment, buys up crops and brokers the purchasing of certified seeds for sowing.

There are plenty of ways to enter the business. Hemperativa offers help at any stage from handing over the right documents to sowing and nursing the cultivation as well as harvest and manufacturing.

Contact us to arrange an individual meeting during which we will discuss your plans and requirements.

(cost: 400 euro)

Legal support

We will support your company with preparing the right documentation necessary to start your own plantation.

If you need legal help, we will put you in contact with our lawyers specialising in hemp plantation

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Co to jest CBG?

A step-by-step guide from choosing the right seeds to harvest

We help deal with the formal and practical side of the process: we will advise you when and how to sow, help you meet the deadlines for submitting the documentation, support you in checking your cultivation and recommend adequate technological solutions for harvest and processing of crops.

Remember: We are here for you!

Indoor plantations

Are you interested in learning how to cultivate hemp indoors? We have the expertise to help you get through every step of that process.