One of the first hemp cultivations in central Poland

Hemperativa is a group of farmers and entrepreneurs working in the cultivation, manufacturing, processing and selling of products made out of industrial hemp. Throughout the last 10 years, we have developed a unique and effective technique of hemp cultivation in order to obtain the highest amount possible of CBD cannabinoid.

We are interested in other possibilities of using this versatile plant such as the production of hemp paper; fibre utilised in textile production; prefabricated elements that could substitute the use of plastic; nutrition products such as cold-pressed oil or hemp seeds rich in highly-digestive protein; dried CBD purposed for smoking; extracts for vaporisers as well as hemp chaff utilised in ecological construction.

We are keeping our finger on the pulse and observe the dynamically changing needs of the market. We know a lot about cannabis and follow in detail the technological advancements that could greatly help the industry and enable us to discover new forms of using this incredible plant.

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Cannabis is one of the longest cultivated plants by humans. Next to flax, cannabis was the primary fibre material used to manufacture textiles.

We get the best of hemp

Konopie siewne to wdzięczna, wszechstronna roślina, której uprawa może w znaczący sposób wesprzeć produkcję ekologiczną wielu branży.

Chcemy być częścią tej zmiany, dlatego wszystkie produkty Hemperativa pozyskiwane z naturalnych polskich upraw

Jesteśmy na bieżąco z najnowszymi technologiami przetwórstwa konopi. Zgłaszając się do nas, znajdziesz to, czego szukasz.


Our knowledge and experience serve your plantations