CBD Oil 5% (Full Spectrum)


CBD, or cannabidiol, is extracted from the plant Cannabis sativa L. var sativa and has minimal THC in its structure, which testifies for the absence of intoxicating functions. As a substance, it is known for supporting many systems and functions in our organism. It activates important receptors, and positively influences our general health.


Hemp seed oil, CO2 hemp extract with naturally present cannabinoids and terpenes. THC content <0.2

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Polish Hemp


CBD is the second-most recognised chemical compound in cannabis. As a plant, hemp is comprised of cannabinoids. So far, we have discovered over 80 different cannabinoids and it looks like there are many more to discover. Most people heard about the most popular of all cannabinoids, THC, which is famous for its intoxicating characteristics. However, it has been proven that despite being extracted from the same plant, CBD does not have much in common with marijuana, mainly, it does not have the same narcotic functions. On the contrary, CBD possesses a lot of pro-health attributes and that’s why it enjoys growing popularity among our clients.

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